We help students with travel and resettlement for the duration of their studies, ensuring a smooth transfer.

Moving to another world, whether for research or to settle, is a major undertaking. We recognize the tension and pressure that this stage will bring. When one hears a lot of stories about the world, both real and false, anxieties about the new land, inhabitants, and customs take over your senses. Since we see this as a transitional period, we have a comprehensive travel and relocation service that leaves no stone unturned to ensure a smooth transition. Our travel and relocation experience allows you to sit back and relax while we take care of it.

Our Process

  • Purchase low-cost airline fares.
  • Facilitate the purchase of travel insurance.
  • Pre-Departure Briefings by Nation (PDB).
  • Session of grooming for quick foreign adaptation
  • Direct or through our coordinators overseas, or through the education company Discounted Air Ticketing, we have relocation assistance.
  • Provide for Foreign Exchange Needs.
  • Make arrangements for internal travel.
  • Pickups from the airport, etc.
  • Obtaining cell phone links and, if necessary, debit cards