The International Students Information Support Centre welcomes you.

If you are a recent graduate or want to complete your Undergraduate or Postgraduate degree at one of the UK’s top-ranked universities, please contact our assistance & support team, who will assist you in determining the best career path for you, regardless of your background.

Where do I get assistance with admissions?

For more information and assistance, please contact our local office or country leaders.

Prompt response and support available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week- instead, you can contact us using the following method.

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Direct appointment with our Partner universities

Our specialist makes every effort to assist and facilitate the admission inquiry as efficiently as possible. If you ever wish to speak with a University admissions officer, we would gladly schedule an appointment for you. Schedule an Appointment>>

Set an appointment With a Graduate Counsellor of the UK

It is necessary to understand the UK university and campus experience; as a result, we have a UK degree counselor who can advise you about their real experience studying at a UK university.

Instructions for applying for a scholarship

Our specialist will show you how to submit a flawless Scholarship application to a UK university.

Be aware to avoid UK study visa refusal

To stop any needless visa refusals, please meet with our enforcement team.

The Enforcement unit offers free advice

We have our own regulatory experts who openly mentor and advise our students. If you need more details or are uncertain where to submit your visa application, please contact our enforcement for assistance.

Support and guidance for UCAS applications from a UCAS-trained advisor

Every phase of your UCAS application will be driven by our expert.

UK-trained adviser from the British Council Education

Our British Council Education UK-certified advisor will show you how to plan your own future.

Pre-arrival information

Please remember to meet with your devoted counselor before embarking on your adventure to prevent any doubt. If you need any additional assistance after your arrival, please contact our UK headquarters or email your travel itinerary.   

University Inquiry

We are excited to welcome new institutes from the United Kingdom. If you are a UK university interested in hiring through the Global Education System, please send us an email and our Business Development Manager will get back to you as soon as possible.

Want to work with us?

The Global Education System team assists foreign students in obtaining a position at a UK university, and we still invite our students to join our team of professionals. If you are interested in joining our team to assist international students, please contact us right away.

Let us know what you think

Your input is extremely valuable to us. We are actively upgrading our services, so we would appreciate it if you could provide us with suggestions and ideas about how we should improve. Please contact us by email or phone to share your thoughts on the Global Education System and its facilities.

We eagerly await your response and hope to make a positive impact in the industry that we can be proud of. Keep up with us on social media and on our Help and Support Page.

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